Enjoy the Taste of Turkey

Ahmetchef is welcoming you to enjoy The best Turkish Cuisine in Casablanca

More than just a Restaurant ...

Ahmetchef restaurant was born out of the passion for Turkish Cuisine, met with a desire to bring high-end ingredients to the table. Fueled by the love of Turkish food, international standards, and its VIP services, Ahmetchef restaurant’s vision is to Bring the best of Turkey to the heart of Casablanca.

The convivial atmosphere of the restaurant is seamlessly invaded by its cozy settings, vibrant ambiance and its contemporary decoration. Throughout the elegant dining area and the vibrant terrasse, you can definitely feel a dazzling moment of leisure.

Beautifully designed and lavishly decorated, Ahmetchef restaurant is providing not just one of the best eating experiences in Casablanca, but also a fresh effortless taste of authentic Gourmet Turkish Cuisine. Ahmetchef restaurant is the place to be.


Locally Sourced & Organic Food

We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.


Our Love for Food

The authentic taste of our dishes comes from our vast experience in the F&B industry, our precise attention to detail and from our fresh ingredients coming straight from Turkey.

Our Chef’s menu showcases the restaurant’s finest homemade Baklava, our tasty middle eastern appetizers and original Turkish meals. 

We pride ourselves in following the traditional Turkish Baklava preparation and processes but with a Modern touch making it even more succulent. Crunchy filling, crispy texture, a mixture of flavors… what not to like about our Baklava?

Traditional culinary recipes and modern trends coexist seamlessly together in our restaurant, creating a vivacious mixture of aromas and spices.

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